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PCMods.Com Baybus Kit Review
Date : Sunday, 19 November 2000
By : Diceman
Product : PCMods.Com Baybus Kit Review

OK, It's finally here! The all-in-one solution to rigging up a bunch of fans, neons, or whatever else needs a 12 volt connection in your box. Today, I've got the New Dual-Voltage Led Baybus from! Here's a peek at the kit.

Price = $36.99 US

The Kit includes :

  • The PCB Baybus
  • Faceplate Template
  • Molex connector (pass thru)
  • 4 led bezels (not shown)
  • Instructions

A close-up of the unit . Notice how well-laid out this is? It's quite incredible how everything is designed into such a small unit and still maintains complete functionality and very high quality. Also notice the little yellow trim pots above the leds.....these allow you to adjust the voltage in the lower position of the toggle switch.

  • UP = 12v
  • DOWN = 5.5v - 11 v (adjustable)

The basic fan bus kit allows you to control up to four fans. Each switch has three settings: "ON", "OFF" and "Variable speed". The variable speed setting can be adjusted to whatever speed you prefer, making it perfect for fans up to 120mm. (we found that each fan had a minimum start voltage requirement). The lights are Red and Green and come with Black bezels. These baybuses have been tested with fans up to 120mm in size and with light kits. In order to ensure that you could attach ANY device to this we outfitted it to use bare wire leads.

Printed circuit board eliminates wiring mess. Simple installation requires only drilling, then plug in and go. Drill template ensures holes are placed correctly. Long lead for power supply included, as well as extra molex connector so that you don't lose a power outlet. Control any device with the switches (up to 6W per switch).

What am i gonna hook up to this baybus you might be wondering?.....why my 15" Firestick of course! =) Which, by the way, JUST fit inside my Antec SX-830 if you got this case and want a 15" will fit! Hummmm......I've got a fanbus already for my fans so should i have just one neon attached to this baybus? I dont think so! keep reading..........

Here i have already run my wires from inside the case all the way out the front bay. Since the baybus is PCB (printed circuit board) design....the fanbus is also on the pcb versus inside the case. so this may be a pain at first for some to get their wires routed all the way out the front......but once it's done you'll see that the hardest part is already over!.....heh

Now, this here is the very good template that comes with the baybus kit. No paper template this was made out of plexi. Here i pulled back the sticker over the adhesive to show you the goop underneath.

What you do here is attach this template to the front of your 5.25" bay faceplate as squarely and evenly as possible and press firmly to seal it on there for the drilling of the holes. It holds very well . One thing that i thought was weird is that i had to drill right thru the goop to make the holes. Im not sure why pcmods didnt just put the adhesive on the outer edges (maybe it would'nt hold as well that way)..i dunno.......but drilling thru the adhesive proved to be no problem whatsoever. It did not get all over everything or make a mess. Two good things to having a quality template ...1) you know the holes will line up perfectly...and 2) should you change cases and need to remount the baybus into different faceplates...this template is sturdy enough to last thru many,many hole drilling sessions.

Wiring this baby up! >>


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