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NeoWave NewQ Platinum DSP Review
Date : Thursday, 05 April 2001
By : Wolf Bloodstone
Product : NeoWave NewQ Platinum DSP
Price : US$169.00
Provided by : NewQ Korea

First time I've ever heard of the NewQ name was when a friend of mine from KL (Kuala Lumpur) in Malaysia send me an email about it. That was way back in June 2000. Together with that email, he send me a couple of pics of what seems like something you might have seen in your car-audio system, the NewQ Gold DSP. He said that it was actually for a PC and what it does is that it takes the signal from your sound card and basically add effects to it like Rock, Classical and some 3D effects like Hall, Concert, etc... But what really caught my eyes was the cool VFD on the front panel of that thing! I thought, "Man! That's way too cool!" It should look kick ass in my fully modded HX08 or my Lian Li PC-12 at the time! cut the story short, I decided that a barter trade was the best way for me to get my hands on one! So the next visit that this friend of mine made to Singapore, he got me one and I got him some stuff in return! Not bad eh?

Front View
Click to enlarge

Rear View
Click to enlarge

I had a lot of fun with the NewQ Gold DSP. I luv it so much! But just when I thought that nuthing's gonna beat this baby, my friend dropped the bomb on me and send me the link to the latest version that NewQ had in production, the NewQ Platinum! I went over to the site promptly and drooled for the next few hours at what was in front of my eyes! Suddenly, the "cool" Gold DSP version that I got didn't look cool at all! A totally new design... plus... Hardware FM Tuner & Remote Control! Top that with support for 4 speakers, I just have to get my hands on one! I contacted the US NewQ Office, and they referred me direct to the Korean Office and after numerous emails back and forth, the NewQ Platinum arrived via FedEx!!

In da package!
Click to enlarge

I have to say here that the packaging looks darn schweet and it's huge too! Huge for sumthing measuring just about the same size as your CD-ROM drives! Anyway, I quickly unpacked it and look through the package to see if anything's missing! :) Hey, I just gotta make sure right? :) Wanna know what's in it? Read on folks!

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